Our year group plans detail the content of our curriculum for every subject.



Curriculum Statement Guide for Parents To find out more about our curriculum, read these documents or make an enquiry.


Curriculum Assessment

Pupil attainment and progress are monitored using Target Tracker software and Steps assessments which break the curriculum into easy-to-understand statements within six bands. To learn more, see the Steps assessment sheets for English, maths and science (PDF files within ZIP files).


Steps- band 1 Steps- band 2 Steps- band 3 Steps- band 4 Steps- band 5 Steps- band 6


Key Stage 1 Phonics and Reading

All children follow the Success For All (SFA) Reading and Phonics curriculum.


Children are taught in groups across the key stage, according to their individual ‘Phonics’ and ‘Reading’ needs. The phonics intervention programme Dancing Bears is used to support some Key Stage 1 pupils.  KS1 reading is taught daily, primarily through SFA, as part of our English curriculum.  In addition to this, all children take part in  individual and guided reading sessions which are personalised to the children’s specific reading levels and requirements.  Some pupils with special educational needs follow a carefully structured reading scheme, either Bug Club, Oxford Reading Tree, Storyworld, Reading Made Easy or Rapid Phonics. Other pupils also have access to these scheme books as part of a wide variety of book choice. Children have the opportunity to select their own reading books from a wide and varied selection of text-types, relevant to their individual reading needs. ‘Book Talk’ is an integral part of our reading curriculum. Children are frequently asked a variety of question types, such as ‘Copy Cat’, ‘Text Detective’ and ‘Judge and Jury’, and are always encouraged to answer in complete sentences. Pupils are encouraged to read regularly at home and many enjoy completing the ‘Reading Challenge’.