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EYFS / Reception – Autumn Term 2018

R Stone Age – Miss Thurlow

R Egyptians – Mrs Davey

Week beginning 26th November 2018

This week we are linking our learning to Percy the Park Keeper. We are sharing the story One Snowy Night.

As wonderful writers we will use our sounds to write sentences. We will listen to the sounds at beginning of words. Segment the sounds we can hear in words and link our knowledge of sounds to letters.

As magnificent mathematicians we will practise counting to find the total of two groups. We will count objects accurately by touching as we count. Count on from the first group to see how many there are altogether.

As clever cooks we will listen carefully and follow instructions to make an epic hot chocolate like Percy has.

As magical musicians we will listen carefully and join in singing songs for our Christmas Nativity.

As amazing athletes we will look at different ways of moving our body. We will follow instructions and move our bodies to our Christmas dance.

As lovely learners we will use our careful cutting skills to create doors for our advent. We will use our excellent number formation to write numbers.

General Information

Both classes will have PE either on a Wednesday AM or Friday PM (this will swap each week) and cooking will be either a Wednesday or Thursday (swapping each week depending upon their PE lesson).