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Holiday Homework

Whole School Challenge 

Trimelyphant has missed you all so much! Please fill in Trimelyphant with positivity and bring back to school to share with your new class teacher. Tell me:

  • five words to describe you
  • your best memory
  • something kind that you have done
  • what you have done that you have been most proud of
  • what you are looking forward to doing back in school
Years 5 & 6

Research into Climate Change and / or the explorer Ernest Shackleton. This will allow you to get a head start on our topic which will be Journey to the Poles. Be creative – you can use ICT, make a magazine, a traditional project or even write and present a news article!

Read regularly. How about joining the Summer Reading Challenge – The Silly Squad!? Summer Reading Bingo which is a fun way for you make sure you are reading a wide variety of texts.

Maths. Y6 Holiday Maths Packs / Y5 Holiday Maths Packs

Years 3 & 4

Summer Bingo Board

Y4 Holiday Maths Packs

Y2-Y3 Holiday Maths Pack

Years 1 & 2

Brilliant Beginning’s Summer Holiday Projects

Year 2 Summer Holiday London’s Calling

Year 1 Summer Holiday Knowing Me Knowing You