Learning Outside Blog

Year 1 have been taking their learning outside week beginning 8th May 2018. We have been exploring our knowledge of sounds by practising writing words on the playground using chalk and reading words off stones.

As super scientists we will go outside and complete a sound map. We are going to listen carefully to sounds and identify these using different pictures and words.

As great geographers Year 1 have been classifying objects as natural or man-made. We went on a hunt around our playground for objects to classify. 




Year 5 maths

We were making factor buckets to systematically find all the factors of a number.

Empty Classroom Fortnight 2017

This week has seen classes from all across the school outside using the grounds to help them learn.

Some classes have been using the wildlife area as inspiration for poetry, looking for different types of living things, hunting for art and patterns in nature or just as a quiet space to read.  The children in Early Years have been on a treasure hunt using the book Rosie's Walk as inspiration and had a visit from the REAL Rosie the Hen.  The children in Year 5/6 have been busy rehearsing for The Lion King in lots of different places outside, from the staged area to the woods.

Pond Explorers!

This week the children in EYFS have been out exploring the pond. As part of their investigation into signs of Spring the children wanted to know which creatures live in the school pond.

They found tadpoles, water boatman and a few other small creatures. They had a great time using the nets, spoons and magnifying glasses to search the water looking for the minibeasts.

They want to return later in the term to see how the tadpoles have changed and to see if they can find anymore inhabitants in the pond and in the logs and leaves!  Keep watching for an update.........

New Year New Garden!

The start of 2017 has seen some changes taking place in the Wildlife Garden.  If you have passed the garden in the last few weeks you will have seen the new woodchip path being laid around the edges of the pond.  This will give us much better access to the pond and allow more children to look into the habitat at the same time.

The large donation of Wood chips from Adscape Gardening and Ginkgo Tree Surgery.




























We have also taken delivery of some large logs which will be used as a seating area in the garden.  This will give the classes a space to sit and listen, write, draw or enjoy being outside in the school grounds.

The pond has been cleared to allow more space for the Spring Visitors which we hope to see in the next few months.  It looks amazing and is all ready for the new growth in the next few months.



Many Thanks to Adam from Adscape Gardening and Steven from Ginko for their donations and time helping us to keep the wildlife area avaliable for the children to use all year round.