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Photo Diary

Tree Planting in the new Eco-garden!

December 2018

Learning Outside the Classroom: Our School Environment.

“Learning outside the classroom is a unique experience that is highly beneficial to all pupils at Trimley St Mary Primary School. Learning outdoors creates lasting memories, builds a greater awareness of the natural world and encourages children to be more active.  It creates the opportunity for children to demonstrate the skills of many of our 8 C’s in a more informal and relaxed setting”.

Extract from Trimley St Mary LOTC policy 2018.

This year we have seen some big changes to our school grounds which is helping us spend more time learning outside of the traditional classroom setting.  We are currently in the process of developing a brand new eco-garden at the front of the school to enable the children the opportunity to spend time experiencing different environments and processes such as gardening and looking after animals.

The school wildlife garden includes a pond, a dipping platform, a hedgehog house and log circle and is a great space for investigating habitats and homes, or getting inspiration for a piece of art or writing. On the school field, and available to the children at breaks and lunchtimes we have recently installed a multi-gym, small world zones for imaginative play and our amazing outdoor library – The Cosy Cocoon!

The Small World Zones and Multi-gym.


For more information please email us at office@trimley.net

As Outdoor Learners we have been:

As Mathematicians the children in Year 4 went outside to find arrays! They used natural materials to help them with their times tables

As Historians we have been investigating life in the Stone Age…….we were visited by some REAL cavemen!

The new Trimley Shopping village has been popular!! As Mathematicians we can write shopping lists and investigate how much items will cost.



. For more information please email us at office@trimley.net