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Curriculum – Maths

Mathematics has a crucial role in equipping our pupils to meet the challenges and responsibilities of adult life.

It is important that from the earliest age, children develop a positive attitude to mathematics appreciating both the usefulness and creativity of the subject.

At Trimley St Mary, whilst following the programme of objectives in the National Curriculum, we also teach calculations through a process called “Big Maths” enabling children to make links and learn number facts. We aim to maintain a balanced approach, between practical activities and the practice of essential skills; between investigative   activities with different possible outcomes and activities which require exact   results; and a balance between activities related to the child’s immediate environment and those purely mathematical.  We also aim to make maths fun and enjoyable by teaching the subject as a topic.

While part of the mathematics curriculum is taught in separate “maths lessons”, some of the curriculum is delivered by means of a cross-curricular approach, a method which enables the child to perceive the subject as both useful and enjoyable.

In order to ensure continuity and logical progression throughout five areas of Mathematics, ie. Number, Shape, Space, Measures and handling Data, planning is carefully linked to Attainment  Targets of the National Curriculum and detailed records are kept of each child’s progress.