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Curriculum – Science

Today, science plays an increasingly important part in our understanding of our world.  This increased role is reflected in it being one of the three core subjects.

We encourage children to ask questions about what they have observed, make predictions and suggest reasons for the changes which happen.  When  appropriate, the children invent their own experiments to test their ideas and evaluate outcomes.  In this way, they are learning to think scientifically. Children come to school with basic understanding and knowledge of  science.  We encourage them to develop this understanding by questioning their ideas.  Their knowledge of science is increased by observation, and the use of ICT to support their learning.

Often, the science work is set in the context of a topic.  At other times, the   work is dealt with separately.  The children will meet some scientific themes  two or three times, from reception to Year 6, which falls broadly under the headings of biology, physics and chemistry.  On each occasion, their knowledge and understanding is increased by new and more demanding contexts.