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Curriculum – RE

The school teaches the agreed Suffolk syllabus for Religious Education.

In the Foundation Stage children have experience of stories, artefacts, people and celebrations from a variety of religions.  They are encouraged to reflect upon and respond to these experiences which may be a starting point for further investigation.

In Key Stage 1, pupils study Christianity in depth and Judaism in some detail. They also encounter examples from other religions such as  Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam or  Sikhism.

In Key Stage 2, pupils explore Christianity in more detail as well as investigating the principle religions of Hinduism and  Islam.  They will revisit or encounter the other principle religions of Buddhism, Judaism and Sikhism, touching on various themes.  Time is also made available for consideration of a  secular world view.

As well as learning about world religions all pupils are encouraged to respond, discuss and reflect upon their knowledge and relate it to their own experience.

Collective workshop is held daily for all children and like R.E., is non-denominational in character. Parents may, if they wish, withdraw children from the arrangements for worship or religious education and requests should be made to the Headteacher in writing.   Parents are responsible for providing  alternative work for the children who have been  withdrawn.