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The Aims of Trimley St Mary School

At Trimley St Mary we aim to:

• Create a safe, secure and happy environment where pupils are motivated, challenged to think and inspired to learn. Our school is one where children’s achievement is central to all that we do.

• Develop pride in the school community fostering a cohesive culture of tolerance, co-operation and respect for self and others.

• Our school is one where we all work in partnership with parents and carers to enable every opportunity for learning.

• Provide access to an inclusive balanced and appropriate curriculum enabling each pupil to reach their full potential – academically, socially and physically.

• Our school is one where children are supported to grow and develop the skills required to empower them for the next stages in education and the workplace.

• Recognise parents and the wider community as active partners in the education process and life of the school.

• Ensure that we work collaboratively alongside other agencies, services and protocols to deliver Every Child Matters Agenda ensuring children:

• Enjoy and achieve

• Keep healthy

• Stay safe

• Make a positive contribution

• Achieve economic well-being

The Ethos of the School

• Our school exists to serve the children and families within the community.

• We work alongside other agencies and the Local Authority to ensure that children in our care are happy and safe, enjoy learning and achieve their full potential.

• The school fosters a positive attitude to learning respecting others perspectives and achievements, where children are seen as individuals, whose needs are sought and recognised.

• The school serves to support the rounded development of children including social, cultural, moral, spiritual and physical aspects.

• The school encourages children to develop self-esteem and determination, encouraging children to embrace challenges and make the most of opportunities available to them.