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General information


The Celts- Class 1C- Mrs Taylor and Mrs Allen

TA- Mrs Middleton

The Greeks- Class 1G- Miss Smith

TA- Mrs McKenzie


PE Arrangements for Autumn Term

PE lessons will take place on Wednesday mornings for 1C and Friday mornings for 1G . Your child will need a white T-shirt, black shorts or joggers and plimsoles which will need to be kept in a named drawstring PE bag. Long hair needs to be tied back and earrings should be removed.


Hello Year 1! Mrs Taylor, Miss Smith and Mrs Allen hope that you are all keeping well and that you enjoyed the sunshine during half term! Here are some ideas for activities for the next few weeks linked to our topic, and all about pirates.  Remember, little and often is best!    

 Learning Clipart Stock Illustrations, Images & Vectors | Shutterstock

Remember that the Home Learning Page has links to our weekly English and Maths challenges.  Click on the link below, to take you to the bbc bitesize site, then click on the Year 1 box.      



 The “Year 1 Bulletins section” (to the right) provides some useful tips for Learning at Home, as well as some additional websites and links you might like to try.    


 Oh I do like to be Beside the Seaside – Pirates & Blackbeard the Pirate!   

 Let’s  link all our learning with this theme!    Why not try a few or some of the suggested activities below, over the next few weeks?  Ultimate Pirates on Behance | Pirate art, Pirates, Pirate boats

This is Blackbeard the Pirate! He is one of the most famous pirates in history. Why not do some research all about him? Create an information poster, or use these sentence stems to help you describe him: 

“He was Scary because…”

“You’ll know it’s him because…” 

“Be afraid of him because…” 

“He can often be found…” 

“He was nasty because…” 

You could create a ‘pirate wordbank’ too to help you when you are doing your writing. 

Here is a brilliant song from Horrible Histories which has information about Blackbeard too… 



Jake And The Neverland Pirates – Clip Art On line jack and the ...

 Dress up as a pirate and create a fact file all about you- What is your pirate name? What do you wear? What is your pirate ship called? What is your favourite weapon?  What do you do while you are on your pirate ship?  You could even practise your ‘pirate voice’ and get a grown up to record you talking about your pirate character!  

Pirate William Kidd's Adventure Galley Pirate Ship - Pirate Ship ...

  Pirate ship

Why not research pirate ships?   Could you find out and label all the main parts of a pirate ship?  You could create your own pirate ship too and label the different parts!  You could draw your own pirate ship and even give it a pirate name!   

Have a go at building your pirate ship – you could use old boxes, building blocks, lego or anything else that you have at home! 

————————————————— Blackbeard the Pirate: Myths, Truths and Legends

 Why not become Amazing Artists and create a line drawing of Blackbeard the pirate?   Look really closely at him to create a line drawing, observing all of the details about him.  Or you could create a line drawing of his pirate ship!  Again observe closely to include all of the detail.  You don’t need to create a line drawing though – you could paint, use colouring pens or pencils or even use objects from around your house to create a pirate collage of him! Pirate Ship Art Lesson for Fourth Grade | Deep Space Sparkle


 Why not link your Amazing Art with maths as well? You could create a symmetrical pirate ship like the ones in the picture above!  You could use pens, pencils or objects.  Here is a link to Bitesize with information about symmetry: 


Here is a song about symmetry to help remind you all about it: 


  —————————————————-Egg Hunt Treasure Map – rylandpeters

Clues for an Indoor Treasure Hunt for Children

 Time to be Great Geographers! Now you have  a pirate name, and you have drawn your ship, time to create a treasure map me hearties! Can you create one for your grown ups to follow and find the treasure you have ‘buried’? You can even try and make your map look old, ask a grown up to help. Don’t forget X marks the spot! Maths activity – Timmy's Treasure map | timmythetigersblog

 Time to be DARING! Can you create a treasure map which has coordinates to help you find the objects? Look at the one above.  You can put different pirate objects in the squares and use coordinates to explain where they are. Here is a song to help explain about coordinates:


Remember we go ‘along the corridoor then up the stairs’! Along the bottom and then up! 


Time be Super Scientists! We are going to learn all about ‘Forces’.  To start with here is a video and some songs all about Forces to start you off:




A force can make something move, change direction but is invisible. Can you think of any forces you use to move something? Have a look round your house to identify where you may use forces.  What forces do you use to open doors? Or windows? Or when you play outside? You could record yourself using some forces!

Pirate Ship - Simple Pirate Ship Drawing PNG Image | Transparent ...

Now you have become experts at using Forces, time to climb aboard your pirate ship and think about the Forces that you need to use on your ship! How do you turn the wheel? How does the flag move? How do you get your prate ship onto your head?  You could write down the forces on a picture of a pirate ship, or tell your grown up which forces you have used!


 Let’s be Marvellous Mathematicians! We love to sing a song in 1C don’t we? Here are some new songs to learn all about Pirates!  Can you sing along? Can you add actions to go with the words?

Portside Pirates (this is a great song to create actions to! Or even a dance to go along with it!):


We Are The Pirates (you can copy the actions in this video if you want!):


  A Pirate Went to Sea (can you read the words and sing along?):


Why not listen to the story ‘The Night Pirates’ by Peter Harris.  Can you retell the story  of the pirates? Or maybe you’d like the pirates to have a whole new adventure! 



The MC Grammar Show is showing lessons on You Tube!  (Normally from 11:30, but can be accessed after this time too!)


MC Grammar (@MrMCGrammar) | Twitter

Click the link to subscribe and join in the fun!


Don’t forget to keep practising your Year 1 and Year 2 Common Exception Spellings.  (These words can be found in the back of your Homework Books).

Why not visit this online site – you can create your very own lists of words!  Then play a variety of games to practise your spellings!



Why not visit ‘Hit the Button’ to practise your Maths


We also like to use a variety of games on Top Marks.




Image result for children reading clipart




Image result for dr seus reading posters


We love to hear that you have been learning at home.

Use the internet to search for number songs  that we sing in class.

Try searching for…

Jack Hartman

Have Fun Teaching

Tiny Tunes


Silly School Songs

Singing Walrus

Scratch Garden

Feedback from your Teachers! (week ending 3/7)

See the messages below from your teachers all about the wonderful work we have received!  If you want to share any activities you have been doing email your teacher: celts@trimley.net or greeks@trimley.net

Check back each week to see the latest messages!

Good Morning 1C!   

We hope you are all safe and well!  We have seen some lovely work this week. Remember to send anything you would like us to see to celts@trimley.net – it could be a photo, a few lines to explain what you have been doing or just a little hello! It would be great to hear how you are all getting on.

We had some Marvellous Mathematicians this week! We have had lots of children completing the Bitesize activities this week as well as working on multiplication and division. One Marvellous Mathematician has been learning about odd and even numbers too! Check out this song to help remind you about odd and even numbers


We have also had children enjoying the Karate Cats and Sum Dog games – great job! Don’t forget that you can search ‘The Singing Walrus’ on YouTube to sing the fab counting songs we enjoy in school together. We have also seen someone practising their money skills by playing Monopoly! Here is a song to remind you about the different coins


 Resilient Readers have been answering questions on different stories they have been listening to, or have had read to them. We saw someone who is enjoying a chapter book called ‘13 Storey Tree House’ – well done on being DARING and challenging yourself! Why not have a listen to ‘The Pirates Next Door’ on YouTube and think of some questions about the story! Who is the main character? Where is the story set? What happens in the beginning, middle and end of the story? You can listen to it here:


 We have had some Wonderful Writing too this week, and we are so impressed with the cursive handwriting we have seen from you all! We have seen children continuing to practise writing their Common Exception Words and some beautiful cursive handwriting. One Writer has also been keeping a diary and writing in in every day. What kind of things could you write in a diary? It is so good to see some of you practising writing some digraphs – how many digraphs can you write? We have also seen lots of pirate work this week, oo-ar me hearties! We have had labelled pirate ships, and even a discussion between a pirate, the captain and a parrot – complete with exclamation marks! Well done.

It has also been lovely to see all of your topic related work this week as well 1C! One of you has created a pirate treasure chest, complete with a key and treasure inside! We also received a picture of a pirate puppet that one of you has made, practising your sewing skills and creating the template yourself! One of you went digging for gems and discussed their properties – that’s fantastic Science! We have also heard about some of you planting lots of things in your gardens – I wonder if you can remember what the seeds need to grow? I loved the picture of a courgette that has been grown, well done!

 We have so loved seeing some of you back in school this week too, it has been wonderful to have some of you back in the classroom. We know that you have enjoyed being in and seeing some of your friends too.

 We are so pleased and proud of how hard you have worked this year, not only at school but throughout all your time at home too. You might like to take some time to talk with your grown-up about your time in Year 1. Perhaps you could write a simple review, and email it to us at celts@trimley.net Why not use these sentence starters below to help you with some ideas?

My favourite lesson was . . .

I felt proud of myself when . . .

I have loved Year 1 because . .

My favourite fascinating fact is . .

I am looking forward to coming back to school because…

We can’t wait to read your ideas next week!

Keep well and stay safe! 

Lots of love Mrs Taylor & Mrs Allen xx


Hello there 1G,  

What another busy week you have had and I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of your super work that you’ve sent to the class email- greeks@trimley.net – It’s great to see you are continuing to complete the challenges on our school website but also coming up with your own challenges and completing the Bitesize work with your grown-ups too! Well done!

 You are still enjoying our ‘Pirates’ topic and learning lots of new things. I enjoyed a Pirate Poem that was sent in and this inspired you to have a go at writing your own poem which had some amazing adjectives! One of you has created a super treasure map and used your cursive formation when labelling the key features- I wonder what treasure may be found? Perhaps you could write a story about following your map to X marks the spot! Why not listen to a pirate song to help with ideas-


 A Resilient Reader has been getting stuck into the new Library Summer Reading Challenge and has even earnt the next badge- Good job! We realise that many of you still have School Library and Reading books at home, but due to the current circumstances, we cannot collect them in or send out new ones for you. However, the local Felixstowe Library is re-opening very soon where you can take out lots of fab books and perhaps more of you will give the Summer Reading Challenge a go!

 Marvellous Mathematicians are continuing to practice their number bond knowledge and singing our catchy counting songs to their grown-ups too. One Mathematician has also been making repeating patterns with blocks. Why not practice recalling your doubles facts by singing along to this song-


It’s great that some of you are challenging yourself to be Daring and having a go at some of the Year 2 work on the school website page- You rock!

 It is wonderful to see you enjoying lots of outdoor time, I have seen some fab photos of bike rides, long walks, playing in the garden and crabbing where one of you caught an astounding 31 crabs! What a fantastic way to become inspired and perhaps you could link this to our ‘Seaside’ topic- Why not create a poster all about crabs and include some sketches of the crabs you spotted. I also really loved receiving a photograph from one of you of a tiny kitten that has become a new addition to your family. Maybe you could create a booklet explaining to your friends how to take care of a kitten and label a picture of him, writing the key features.

 We are so pleased and proud of how hard you have worked this year, not only at school but throughout all your time at home too. You might like to take some time to talk with your grown-up about your time in Year 1. Perhaps you could write a simple review, and email it to me at greeks@trimley.net Why not use these sentence starters below to help you with some ideas?

 My favourite lesson was . . .

I felt proud of myself when . . .

I have loved Year 1 because . . .

My favourite fascinating fact is . ..

I’m looking forward to coming back to school because…

 We can’t wait to read your ideas next week! It has been lovely to hear from you and you should be very proud of your home learning! Mrs McKenzie and I miss you all and I look forward to seeing more of your fab work next week!

Stay safe and keep smiling, 

Miss Smith x 


Image result for learning at home clipart

We are very aware of what an unusual and challenging time we find ourselves in.  Here are some top tips to remember when Learning at Home!

Work around YOUR routine – make challenges for your children achievable and manageable.

Lower your expectations and be realistic – little and often is perfect!

If possible, try and stick to a simple routine each day.

Mix it up – vary the subjects and learning.

Enjoy your time together and praise the positives.

Screen time is good – there are some great websites that offer super ideas and activities.

bbc.co.uk./teach – Provides live lessons – turn your living room into a classroom!

Super Movers is another great link – get fit and moving while learning at the same time!


Don’t forget bbc i-player and cbeebies too!


Learning at Home Packs

Image result for pobble non screen activities you can do at home


We have provided you with ‘Learning at  Home’ Packs. These contain a blank booklet for you to record any of your learning experiences (if you would like to) as well as a list of suggested ideas and projects you might like to try over the next few weeks!

—————————————————— ——— ———

 Why not try the links we’ve mentioned under each subject? We also like to use You Tube. Search for ‘Jack Hartman’ – songs and raps for many subjects and topics. Search for NumberRock – loads of great songs to help with Maths. Search for Have Fun Teaching, Count in ….. or Silly Schools Songs Count in ….. Perfect songs to learn counting forwards and backwards. We also like BBC Bitesize – some great educationial clips here too. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/levels/z3g4d2p


Another great website is ictgames. com

So many super activities to help with Reading, Spelling and Maths!


We also like to use the website Twinkl – loads of great ideas for every curriculum year group.



Life Skills

 Image result for life skills clipart

With so much for our children to learn in today’s high-tech world, it’s all too easy for them to miss out on practical life skills too!  Here are a few ideas you might like to incorporate into your Learning at Home time!

Planting seeds, gardening, sewing, tying shoe laces, washing and drying up, wrapping a gift, hammering a nail, DIY, painting, writing a letter , preparing a simple meal, folding clothes, making the bed …… and so many more …..



—————————————————— ——— ———

English Curriculum for the Summer Term. As Readers, we will be exploring a variety of
texts about ‘The Seaside’. We will find
information in non-fiction books, learning how to use the contents & index
pages. As Writers, we will use ‘story
telling’ language & actions to retell and create our own stories, using
‘story bags’. Seaside Poems will be
discussed and we will write our own poems.
We will continue to learn to read and write our sounds. Your child will continue to bring home a Library
Book and Reading Book weekly. Your help
and support with reading is invaluable.
Remember to ask them lots of questions about the books they read too!
Weekly Maths and English homework challenges will continue, as well as
weekly spellings. Your help and support
with reading and spelling is invaluable.
Our English curriculum SFA
(Success for All) will continue. This
skills-based curriculum helps to develop the children’s reading and
comprehension, basic grammar, phonics and spelling, and encourages co-operative
learning. We will use Resilient
Reader and Legends of Literacy strategies to improve our reading and grammar
skills. Don’t forget to complete
the Reading Challenge every week! We
challenge you to read for 5 minutes, 5 times a week at home! Come on Year One! We haven’t topped the leader board yet!

Maths Curriculum for the Summer Term. We
will continue to follow our exciting ‘Inspire Maths Curriculum’. As Mathematicians, we will read, write and
order numbers up to 100 and beyond. We will practise solving addition and
subtraction problems involving numbers up to 20 and beyond and represent our
work with numbers, pictures and symbols.
We will practise adding and subtracting on a number line. We will practise telling the time,
recognising o’clock and half past. We
will investigate and compare different masses and capacities. Please help your child to learn the remaining
addition ‘Learn-Its’ for this term so that they can continue to beat their ‘Big
Maths, Beat That’ score! We will continue to send home CLIC challenges to improve
calculation skills.


Spelling challenges will be sent home weekly. You might like to practice these words with your child so that they are confident during their spelling challenge. We will also practice these words regularly in school too. IT IS NOT ESSENTIAL THAT THEY GET THEM ALL CORRECT ALL THE TIME. IT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAT YOUR CHILD CAN APPLY THESE SPELLING RULES TO THEIR WRITING ALL THE TIME. We need to learn to spell all the Year 1 Common Exception Words (CEWs) by the end of the summer term. These words will be displayed in our classrooms and removed once we have all learnt them all by heart. Termly updates will be sent home so you can see how your child is progressing.
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Year 1 Bulletins
Image result for language of bad chris quigley


The language of BAD

(Bad is good!)

We want to be challenged at Trimley St Mary.


We have been using the language of BAD to extend our learning.  We have been taking on challenges to show if we are brave, (paddling) adventurous (snorkeling) or daring (diving)!


Image result for marvellous me

Marvellous Me!! 

Watch out for ‘Marvellous Me’ messages from your child’s teachers. We LOVE Marvellous Me at Trimley St Mary – it’s a fantastic way to encourage, praise and celebrate successes and achievements in school. 

Take the time to talk with your child about their learning! Because …… everyone’s a SUPERHERO!!


Parent Helpers Welcome!


We welcome parents into school, to help our children to improve their reading skills. If you are able to spare a morning or an afternoon, on a regular basis, please let your child’s teacher know. We are very appreciative of your additional support, and it makes a huge difference to the children’s learning. We would love you to come and join us! Tea and coffee provided too!


Reading Challenge


Don’t forget to read for 5 minutes, 5 times a week!


Your reading Challenge Slip must be returned on MONDAY MORNING so the ‘scores on the doors’ can be collated by class teachers during registration and sent to the school office.


Come on Year 1! A KS1 class has never topped the leader board! We need 75% of our classes to read to meet Mrs Ashford’s challenge. Class Prizes available too. Keep reading!!