Year 4

General Information


Welcome to Year 4!

Our classes are as follows:


tudors Mrs Smith- 4 Tudors
medieval Mrs Yates- 4 Medievals.


Creative Curriculum

Our Spring term learning is based around our role as 'Healthy Heroes'. It's our job to learn how to eat and drink well, sleep well, exercise well and keep our teeth healthy. We will then inform everyone we can so they learn how to be really healthy too.


Holiday Homework 

Congratulations to each and everyone for the success you made of the tasks you did over Christmas. We had such good discussions over the experiences the children had and it showed everyone what a lovely family time was had. We know many of the children have continued to be responsible for  jobs at home so what a good start to the year!


Our topic this term is 'Italia e Grande'.

We will be learning all about the features of Italy before looking more closely at the Romans and how they changed Britain.  We will be looking at similarities and differences between Italy and the United Kingdom.

We are looking forward to our trip on 11th October to Colchester castle where the children will be fully engaged in interactive activities.


Parent Helpers Welcome!


If any parents have ANY free time during the school day please see your child's class teacher as we would welcome you with open arms to support some of our children with their reading and spelling. 


You can make a real difference just doing a little bit as often as possible!


What a wonderful time had by all at the Farm and Country Farm last week. The children learnt all about farming and where some of our food comes from and had the opportunity to meet lots of farm animals. The children behaved amazingly and all had a fantastic day (and the sun shone for us too!) The children were a credit to the school and should be proud!

Year4  were lucky enough to have a visit from Morrisons to look at different types of fruit and make some smoothies. The children enjoyed trying different types of fruit and choosing their favourites to go into their smoothies.

Digital Camera


Year 4  were lucky enough to have a visit from Morrisons to look at different types of fruit and make some smoothies. The children enjoyed trying different types of fruit and choosing their favourites to go into their smoothies.



The children had a wonderful time at Colchester castle this week, learning more about the Romans.

They explored the museum,

Became builders making a Roman villa and Celtic roundhouse

and were told the story of the rise of the Romans during a story tour of the vaults below the castle.

All of the children were well behaved and had a great day. I hope you enjoyed them telling you all about it!



We are looking forward to the wonderful trips we have planned for this term.

The children will be Italian chefs for the morning making pizzas at Pizza Express. Mrs Smith's class will be visiting on the 1st November and Mrs Yates' class will be visiting on 9th January.

We will also be visiting Colchester Castle on 11th October where the children will spend a day immersed in Roman history.

Learning Together!

We will be organising sessions throughout the year when you can come and share your child's learning journey.  

Watch this space, and check Newsletters for more information to follow!!

Marvellous Me


We are finding the children love being awarded a ‘Marvellous Me’ because it informs you straightaway of your child’s learning success. Please talk with your child when you receive one as they are often very proud!

Due to technical issues, Marvellous Me is temporarily out of use. We hope to rectify this problem shortly.

Winter PE

As it is getting colder now it may be a good idea to add a pair of tracksuit bottoms to your PE kits for when we do PE outside. Also please remember that if you come into school in tights on a day that you have PE you will need to bring socks to change into.

PE Kit

Please remember your PE kit for Tuesday and Friday. Each class will have PE either on Tuesday or Friday each week. You will need a complete change of clothes- white T-shirt, dark shorts and trainers. Girls please remember to bring a pair of socks if you are wearing tights or sandals.

You will need to take your earrings out and tie your hair back (it's much easier to come with your earrings out and hair already tied back).

Also, please make sure your kit is named.



Week beginning 18th June.

 In English this week we will be looking at cinquains and using determiners correctly in sentences.

Each sets spellings continue to be set on a Monday and they continue to be tested in sentences on a Friday.

Our Reading Challenge bookworm

Please remember to read for 5 minutes, 5 times a week! 

Please continue to read with your children at home. We give out BookWorm certificates to those children who read at least 3 times a week and stickers to all those who return their slip on Monday!

Your Reading Challenge Slip needs to be returned on MONDAY MORNING so the scores can be collated. Our aim is for every class to achieve at least 75% each week but wouldn't it be great if we could make it 100%???

Words to read and write

High Frequency Words in Phases

DFE Spelling Information

common exception words

Year 3 and Year 4 Word List Checklist


Common words that children may find difficult to decode and spell.



Week beginning 18th June.

Mrs Smith will be looking at fractions and Mrs Yates will be looking at venn and carroll diagrams.

math symbols



Schemes of Work:

Growing Up