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Year 5 – General Information

Welcome to Year 5.

There are 2 classes in Year 5:

The Georgians – Mrs Martin and Mrs Rainford

The Stuarts – Miss Chilvers

Supported by Mrs Shipley and Mrs Wilding.


The children are looking at a book called Shackleton’s Journey, following the true story of Ernest Shackleton and the crew of the Endurance as they launch an expedition across Antarctica. The children have enjoyed taking on the role of a member of the Endurance crew and really immersing themselves in what it would have been like to be part of the crew.

The children visit the library on a Wednesday and change their books if they have been reading at home. Please remember to fill in your child’s reading diary as well as their reading challenge when they read at home.

A copy of each class’ spellings can be downloaded here:

Miss Chilvers

Group 3 03.12.18

Group 1 3.12.18

Group 2 3.12.18

Mrs Martin/Mrs Rainford







As the weather is getting colder please make sure the children bring an appropriate PE kit into school. Some of the PE sessions will take place outside so tracksuit bottoms and a PE jumper would be a good addition to the children’s PE bag.

Children will take part in PE on a Monday and every other Thursday.

If your child takes part in any lunchtime clubs please make sure they have a kit to change into.



Homework is given out on a Friday and is to be handed in by the following Wednesday.

Children receive Maths and English homework.



Spelling lists are given to the children on a Tuesday to be learnt at home as well as practised in school. Spellings are tested on the following Tuesday.


Week beginning 10/12/18

In Maths this week Miss Chilvers’ set will continue to look at fractions. As mathematicians they will:

  • Compare fractions by finding equivalents.
  • Add fractions by finding common denominators.
  • Subtract fractions by finding common denominators.
  • Show their understanding through problem solving.


In Maths this week Mrs Martin/Mrs Rainford’s set will



Below are some links that you might find useful to use at home:




Creative Curriculum

This term our topic is ‘Journey To The Poles’. The children will be learning about the polar regions and the effects of plastic pollution.

As Artists the children will create a collage of a sea creature using plastic materials.

The children are also reading Brightstorm by Vashti Hardy and Shackleton’s Journey by William Grill. Brightstorm is about packed full of adventure and centres around twins called Arthur and Maudie and their race to South Polaris. Shackleton’s Journey is the true story of Ernest Shackleton and his expedition to Antarctica.