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Year 6 Home Learning

Each week (on a Thursday) we will be posting a weekly overview of the tasks.

Click on Year 6 Home Learning (26.02.2021 – 5.03.2021) to access the weekly overview starting on Friday 26th February 2021.

World Book Day is Thursday 4th March 2021. You can access your book token here:

booktoken_PrimaryUK.pdf (worldbookday.com)

As of Tuesday 5th January 2021, we will be teaching a majority of children remotely . Those children still attending school will receive the same curriculum as those learning from home.

In terms of Remote Learning, we will be using Purple Mash and Seesaw to send children work or for work to be sent to us. It is important that you child is able to access Purple Mash. Please remember all the lessons we did on online safety in September to make sure you are staying safe when using the internet. All login details can be found in your child’s reading diary.

You can access our Purple Mash school login page here: Purple Mash by 2Simple

We will be setting a piece of English, maths and topic piece each day. English and topic will be set on Purple Mash. Maths will be set using White Rose and ask that work is sent through Seesaw. All of the links and documents will be linked below. Please make sure that you check this page every week to see what has been set. We will be marking and responding to work sent to us, however this will only happen during school hours. Work sent later than 3:30pm will be checked and marked the following day.

If your child is struggling to login or having any difficulties, please email the class emails telling us the issue and what device you are trying to use it on. If we do have to use Purple Mash for home learning, please remember all the lessons we did on online safety in September to make sure you are safe when using the internet.

Class emails for Year 6 are:



w/c  22/2/2021

Maths work for w/c 22.02.2021 will be deleted from the school website on Monday 1st March 2021.


English will be uploaded onto Purple Mash every day. There will be a chapter from a book to read and questions that accompany the book in a separate 2Do. There will also be a writing task that links to something that happened in the chapter. These tasks will alternate each day!

Oxford Owl are offering free e-books for children to read. You will need to register to the website but they have some amazing books. We still want children to continue with the reading challenge each week! The website is Free eBook library | Oxford Owl

Helpful guidance on how to set up an account with Oxford Owl: Oxford Owl Resource link page

Maths Home Learning

Please follow the link below to White Rose Maths. Please watch one video per day and complete one accompanying worksheet each day. You should take a photo of your work and upload it to your SeeSaw account. You can write your answers on a piece of paper and if there are any questions that you are unable to answer such as colouring questions, you can leave those out.

Mr Murray and Mrs Lucking’s Maths:

New video link for Monday 22nd February: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/spring-week-5-number-algebra/

Monday 22nd February worksheet: Y6-Spring-Block-3-WO1-Find-a-rule-one-step-2019

Tuesday 23rd February 2021: Y6-Spring-Block-3-WO2-Find-a-rule-two-step-2019

Wednesday 24th February worksheet: Y6-Spring-Block-3-WO3-Forming-expressions-2019

Thursday 25th February worksheet: Y6-Spring-Block-3-WO4-Substitution-2019

Friday 26th February worksheet: Y6-Spring-Block-3-WO5-Formulae-2019

New video link for Monday 1st March 2021: Shapes – same area

Monday 1st March 2021 worksheet: Y6-Spring-Block-5-WO1-Shapes-same-area-2019

New video link for Tuesday 2nd March 2021: Area and perimeter 

Tuesday 2nd March 2021 worksheet: Y6-Spring-Block-5-WO2-Area-and-perimeter-2019

New video link for Wednesday 3rd March 2021: Area of a triangle (1)

Wednesday 3rd March 2021 worksheet: Y6-Spring-Block-5-WO3-Area-of-a-triangle-1-2019

New video link for Thursday 4th March 2021: Area of a triangle (2)

Thursday 4th March 2021 worksheet: Y6-Spring-Block-5-WO4-Area-of-a-triangle-2-2019

New video link for Friday 5th March 2021: Area of a triangle (3) 

Friday 5th March 2021 worksheet: Y6-Spring-Block-5-WO5-Area-of-a-triangle-3-2019

Miss Caldwell’s Maths:

New video link for Monday 22nd February 2021: Spr5.7.5 – Subtract mixed numbers

Monday 22nd February worksheet: 22.02.2021-Subtract-mixed-numbers-2019

New video link for Tuesday 23rd February 2021: Spr5.8.1 – Subtraction breaking the whole 

Tuesday 23rd February worksheet: 23.02.2021-Subtract-breaking-the-whole-2019

New video link for Wednesday 24th February 2021: Spr5.8.2 – Subtract 2 mixed numbers

Wednesday 24th February worksheet: 24.02.2021-Subtract-2-mixed-numbers-2019

New video link for Thursday 25th February 2021: Spr5.8.3 – Multiply unit fractions by an integer

Thursday 25th February 2021: 25.02.2021-Multiply-unit-fractions-by-an-integer-2019

New video link for Friday 26th February 2021: Spr5.8.4 – Multiply non-unit fractions by an integer

Friday 26th February worksheet: 26.02.2021-Multiply-non-unit-fractions-by-an-integer-2019

New video link for Monday 1st March 2021: Measurement: Perimeter & Area | White Rose Maths

Monday 1st March 2021 worksheet: 01.03.2021-Measure-perimeter-2019

Tuesday 2nd March 2021 worksheet: 02.03.2021-Perimeter-on-a-grid-2019

Wednesday 3rd March 2021 worksheet: 03.03.2021-Perimeter-of-a-rectangle-2019

Thursday 4th March 2021 worksheet: 04.03.2021-Perimeter-of-rectilinear-shapes-2019

Friday 5th March 2021 worksheet: 05.03.2021-Calculate-perimeter-2019

Mrs Ayriss’ Maths:

New video link for Monday 22nd February: Number: Multiplication & Division | White Rose Maths

Monday 22nd February worksheet: 22.02.2021-Equal-groups-2019

Tuesday 23rd February worksheet: 23.02.2021-Multiplication-sentences-using-the-x-symbol-2019

Wednesday 24th February worksheet: 24.02.2021-Use-arrays-2019

Thursday 25th February worksheet: 25.02.2021-The-2-times-table-2019

Friday 26th February worksheet: 26.02.2021-The-5-times-table-2019

New video link for Monday 1st March 2021: Number: Multiplication & Division | White Rose Maths

Monday 1st March 2021 worksheet: 01.03.2021-WO1-Make-equal-groups-sharing-2019

Tuesday 2nd March 2021 worksheet: 02.03.2021-WO2-Make-equal-groups-grouping-2019-1

Wednesday 3rd March 2021 worksheet: 03.03.2021-WO3-Divide-by-2-2019

Thursday 4th March 2021 worksheet: 04.03.2021-WO5-Divide-by-5-2019

Friday 5th March 2021 worksheet: 05.03.2021-WO6-Divide-by-10-2019


A topic will be set on Purple Mash that coincides with what we would have been studying in class. Our topic this term is ‘Travelling through Time’ focussing on the Ancient Greeks. Each afternoon there will be  a different subject including science, music, RE, RSHE, art and creative curriculum. Also it is important that we still keep exercising. Jo Wicks is carrying on with his PE lessons on YouTube plus if the weather is suitable, you could go on a bike ride or a walk.

Monday 22nd February Fairtrade Week Lesson 1

This week, we are going to be looking at Fairtrade. Each afternoon, there will be a different activity set either on Purple Mash or on this page.

Today, we want you to create some independent research looking at Fairtrade. This will help you with some of the other activities that we have set this week, especially on Friday when you will be creating a poster about Fairtrade.

Look into what Fairtrade is? How does it help people around the world? Why do we have Fairtrade? Complete some notes about your research ready to help you with the activities set this week.

Link to Fairtrade website: Home | Fairtrade Foundation

Powerpoint: Fairtrade Powerpoint

Please take a photo of your work and then upload to Seesaw.

Wednesday 24th February Fairtrade Art lesson

For art this week, we have set two different options that you can do. We will be looking at creating a collage using Fairtrade packaging. This collage can be of the Fairtrade logo, a Fairtrade product (like bananas, chocolate, coffee etc) or of the farmers that grow Fairtrade products. There will be images in the Powerpoint to help you. If you do not have the resources for the collage task, then have a go at the sketching task. We want you to sketch a Fairtrade product or a farmer growing Fairtrade products. There is a video linked in the powerpoint as well as images to help you. You can also find your own image of a Fairtrade product or of a Fairtrade farmer online.

Powerpoint: Fairtrade Week Art Lesson

Please take a photo and upload to Seesaw.


Every week Mr.Moss will be filming a short exercise video for children to participate in to ensure they are keeping fit and exercising while at home. To access this video please follow the link provided! Get involved and send him an email to get a shout out on the next video!

LINK for Week 1 –  https://youtu.be/ENExLjpSK7k

WEEK 2  – https://youtu.be/KP2NdxUp8Jk

WEEK 3 NOW LIVE – https://youtu.be/g04WisDFE4c 


Each week Mr.Todd will be setting you a sporting challenge to find his ‘PE Star of the Week’. Could it be you? Watch his video to find out which skill he wants you to show and send your attempts to your class email address or Seesaw account. 

LINK for Week 1 : https://youtu.be/0kLt4F92HoU

Link for Week 2 (Football Challenge) – Training with Mr.Todd – Challenge 2 – FOOTBALL 


Joe Wicks Daily PE lessons: PE With Joe 2021 | Monday 18th Jan – YouTube

Oti Mabuse Jive Dance lesson: Live Jive dance class! with Oti Mabuse and Marius Iepure – YouTube

Brilliant Music Apps

Apple: Garage Band ‎GarageBand on the App Store 

Android: Walk Band Walk Band – Multitracks Music – Apps on Google Play

Christmas Artwork


Year 6 – General Information

Welcome to Year 6!

There are two classes in Year 6:

The Edwardians – Mr Murray

The Victorians – Miss Caldwell

We are supported by Mrs Mackie and Mrs Wilding.

As we are in Year 6, we are acting as role models and leading by example for the rest of the school. Children in Year 6 wear black sweatshirts so that we are easily identifiable to the rest of the school. As well as exemplary behaviour, we set ourselves to believe and achieve in everything we do!


This week as writers, we will be looking at Shackleton’s Journey by William Grill.

This week, we have been showing the journey of Ernest Shackleton in the form of a storyboard/comic strip.


Spelling tests take place every Tuesday. New spellings are handed out on the same day.

Common Exception Words Year 5/6


As the weather is getting colder please make sure the children bring an appropriate PE kit into school. Some of the PE sessions will take place outside so tracksuit bottoms and a PE jumper would be a good addition to the children’s PE bag. Children will take part in PE every other Thursday. If your child takes part in any lunchtime clubs please make sure they have a kit to change into.


Homework is given out on a Friday and is to be handed in by the following Wednesday. Children receive Maths and English homework.

Maths homework is currently being set on My Maths. Please remember to keep your login in a safe place so you do not lose it!

Reading Challenge

Please remember to take part in our weekly reading challenge. Reading challenges are collected by the class teacher every Monday morning.  It is really easy to complete! All you need to do is read for five minutes, five times a week and record it on your reading challenge.

Remember Mrs Ashford draws a reading challenge slip every week and the winner wins a book! Let’s see if we can get 100% to complete the reading challenge in 6V and 6E.


(w/b. 4/1/2021)

Mr Murray’s set are learning to find the area of a triangle.

Mrs Lucking’s set are learning how to solve BODMAS calculations.

Miss Caldwell’s set are learning to simplify fractions using factors.

Please remember to practice times tables with your child at home. They will bring home Rockstars Times Tables home with them to practice.

Below are some links that you might find useful at home:




Creative Curriculum

When we return in January, our topic will be ‘Travelling Through Time.’

For the first half of the term, we will be learning about the Ancient Greeks. We will begin our learning by looking at what life is like in modern Greece now and comparing it to how people lived in Ancient Greece.