Year 6

Week beginning 15th January



We will be studying the excellent book Farther as it ties in with our Space theme.




Mr Murray's set:  We are working on maths problems and finding ratios.

Miss Rose's set: We are learning about angles.


This term we are intergalactic explorers. Our topic is 'Space', looking at the planets, the sun and how light reaches us. We started our learning off building space rockets, we now have some excellent models on display.



By utilizing enquiry led learning and generating our own intriguing questions, we hope to equip ourselves with the knowledge and skills to generate a full understanding and appreciation for this vastly dynamic topic.

Drawing all of our learning together, our very own 'Intergalactic exploration' is sure to thrill and intrigue you all.

We are now learning about volcanoes.

Common Exception Words

Common Exception Words

Common words that children may find difficult to decode and spell, but are expected to know by the end of Year 6!


We will learn about:

The movement of the Earth and Moon.

Explain day and night.

We will investigate light, looking at sources of light, reflections and shadows.

We will examine how light appears to travel in straight lines and how it affects shadows.


Please note we need reply slips for our trip to Leicester Space Centre by 2nd February.

Our learning together is Friday February 2nd


Reading challenge

Remember to bring your reading challenge slips back each Monday and hand it in in the morning.

General Information

Year 5/6 classes


Edwardians - Mr Murray

Victorians - Miss Rose



Each week the children are given a spelling list to learn for a test (usually on  Monday).

They will also be given a short task to enrich the learning they have done in class that week.

For maths, mymaths homework is often set and is due each Wednesday.

Remember, if you get stuck and need help, please come to see us before your homework is due in so we can help you!