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Admissions & Applications

As we are a local authority school, all admissions should be made through a County Admissions Form (CAF 1 or 2). These should be submitted to Suffolk County Council for their consideration.

More information and a link to the form can be found on the website for Suffolk County Council. Please use the link at the bottom of this page.

Admission Policy

Pupils may enter on a full time basis at the beginning of the academic year in which the child becomes five in our Early Years Foundation Stage classes until the end of the school year in which the child becomes eleven. The school encourages parents to approach the school to consider part-time provision if appropriate.

The school admits boys and girls of all ability ranges deemed able to benefit from main stream schooling.

Arrangements for Parents to Visit the School

Parents of children at the school and those interested in possible admission are warmly invited to visit the school by prior arrangement to see it in operation or to discuss any matters connected with its working. The Chairman of Governors is also willing to see parents to discuss, in confidence, any matter of interest to them. Other Governors may also be approached by parents wishing to discuss school matters.

Class teachers are pleased to see parents, often at short notice, to discuss the children. Only brief, essential discussions should be attempted before school. More regular, routine contact should be at the end of school, please ring to make an appointment should this be the case. Longer discussions should be by prior arrangement but they will normally be possible at fairly short notice, other arrangements permitting.

The Headteacher can be contacted at any time and she will, where possible, arrange a meeting at a mutually agreeable time.

Formal written reports are sent to parents each year towards the end of the Summer Term. Twice a year consultation evenings are arranged to which all parents are invited for ten minute discussion, with a third opportunity to view your child’s work and discuss it and their report with their teacher at an informal open evening in the summer term. If longer or extra sessions seem necessary, these can easily be arranged at other times.

Where both parents do not live at the same address, copies of reports and invitations to parent evenings can be sent to the parent not living with the child if clear instructions to this effect are given to the School Secretary.

Here at Trimley St Mary we are proud of achieving Healthy Schools Status. Whenever possible we promote aspects of health, nutrition, physical exercise, and emotional well being.