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Absence from School

We ask parents to inform the school of the reason for absence by 9.30am for each day the child is absent from school, either leaving a message on the dedicated absence phone line or by ParentMail. Please also send a note addressed to the class teacher when a child returns to school after an absence.

We recognise that it is difficult to make appointments with doctors and dentists outside school hours but would urge you to do so when at all possible.

Parents are encouraged not to take their children out of school during term time so as to minimise the disruption to their children’s learning. Please note that the Department for Education (DfE) no longer recognises holiday requests, and Fixed Term Penalty Notices are issued to parents who choose to remove their children from school for six school sessions or more (three school days).

Requests for leave of absence during term time should be made on the appropriate form available from the school office. You cannot inform of leave of absence via ParentMail for anything other than illness. Absence for term time will usually only be authorised in the most exceptional circumstances in accordance with the Attendance Policy agreed by the Headteachers within the local area and the Local Authority.

Unauthorised absences from this school for the academic year 2017/18 was 0.8%
Authorised absences were 3.5%, therefore, overall attendance for the year was 95.7%