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Class Information

Reception Egyptians

Mon and Tues: Mrs Allen

Weds, Thurs, Fri:

Mrs Bennett

Reception Stone-Age 

Miss Smith

Teaching Assistants

Miss Taylor

Mrs Newell

Mrs Robinson

PE for both classes will take place on a Tuesday. 

Keep up to date with learning and upcoming events by using the  Marvellous Me App.

Welcome to EYFS.

Week beginning Monday 24th January.


Mrs Bennett, Mrs Allen and Miss Smith are looking forward to finding out about animals that live in cold climates this week.

We will be continuing our topic

Awesome Animals and Prickly Plants

As Resilient Readers we will

*be reading Egg to Penguin Life cycle book.

*sharing a selection of non-fiction books about penguins.

*As Super Scientists we will make predictions about what will happen to our penguins trapped in the ice using sentence stems…..I think that…..I wonder if……….

*use the cold places small world to retell the story and talk about where different animals live.

*Look at maps and atlases to find The Artic and Antarctica.

*encourage you to read a book in the reading areas and listen to you sounding out new words.

*Learn new phonemes and digraphs in our phonics groups.


As Wonderful Writers we will:-

* take part in some picture talk about photographs of penguins using sentence stems “I can see” and ” Look at the”

* Write labels for our penguin or boy paintings from the story Lost and Found that we read last week.

*Make our own penguin fact files  in the writing area.

*Use the penguin balancing game to improve our finger strength.

*Continue our new dough disco to help build up the strength in our hands.



*Use our name writing books to write our names correctly and in the cursive font.

*MC Grammar will help us with our learning.  We love singing along to his raps!  Check out his tricky word song.



* As Marvellous Mathematicians we will….

*Be finding out how tall different species of Penguins are and comparing us to their heights.

*be learning that we have 5 fingers on one hand.

*be finding out how many ways we can make 5.

*looking for formations of 5 on dice, cards, in the classroom, in the garden.

*continue to use the vocabulary “more than” and “fewer than”.

*Look for objects with 5 on the under the parachute!

 *We will be singing counting songs in Awesome Maths.


Subitise Rock – Jack Hartman


Funky counting song to 10


Subitise super fast – Jack Hartman

*Why not visit these websites to play some maths games.






*As Amazing Artists we will

*Use sugar cubes to design our own igloos and ice sculptures.

*Paint pictures of other animals that live in cold climates.

*Learn some new songs and actions animals that live in cold places.


* As Awesome Athletes we will

*be playing games in teams with Mr Grey the sports coach.

*Be taking part in the penguin challenge – keep an eye on Tapestry for more information!

*be playing outdoor maths games in awesome maths to help improve our gross motor skills.

Why not look at these other links too.

Super movers:


ABC song:


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Early Years Bulletin Board

News Flash!

Check this page regularly for Early Years updates.


Please stay off the play equipment before and after school for your own safety.


This week on Tapestry…..we will continue to send home examples of the children’s learning. 

Be sending home details of the penguin challenge!

Remember P.E is on a Tuesday.

Speech Link Parent portal 

We have been fortunate enough to be granted access for parents to make use of the Speech Link Parent Portal information site until the end of term. The aim is to help promote speech and associated communication skills such as listening so children make progress in all areas of their life.

To access the portal click on https://speechandlanguage.info/parents


Many thanks for your continued  support.

Parent Helpers Wanted!

At present, Parent Helpers will not be able to come into school.  However, when this changes we will let you know, as in the past …. 

Parent Helpers Welcome! We welcome parents into school, to help our children to improve their reading skills.  If you are able to spare a morning or an afternoon, on a regular basis, please let your child’s teacher know.  We are very appreciative of your additional support, and it makes a huge difference to the children’s learning.  We would love you to come and join us!  Tea and coffee provided too!

Learning at Home


We love to share  your child’s learning with you on Tapestry.. We also like to see any learning you do at home. This app is able to be purchased through the app store and can be used on most smartphones and tablet devices. You can also access Tapestry through your web brower on the computer. Please do not share photos from Tapestry on social media. If you have any questions about Tapestry please come and speak to Mrs Bennett, Mrs Allen or Miss Smith

Reading Challenge
Image result for bookworm reading a book clipart Don’t forget to read for 5 minutes, 5 times a week!  Your reading Challenge Slip must be returned on MONDAY MORNING so the ‘scores on the doors’ can be collated by class teachers during registration and sent to the school office.   An Early Years class has never topped the leader board!  We need 75% of our classes to read to meet Mrs Ashford’s challenge.  Class Prizes available too.  Come on EYFS let’s keep reading!

The Language of BAD

(Bad is good!)

Image result for language of bad chris quigley

We want to be challenged at Trimley St Mary.

We have been using the language of BAD to extend our learning.  We have been taking on challenges to show if we are brave, (paddling) adventurous (snorkeling) or daring (diving)!