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We know how proud the children are of completing a particularly challenging piece of work, whether the work be written, drawn or performed.  We like to challenge the children to show them what they can achieve, motivating them to enquire, research, keep asking questions to be able to write, perform or draw/paint their own work.  The sense of pride and self-esteem that this generates is wonderful to see, and we are lucky enough to be able to see their brilliant accomplishments, and we thought that you would enjoy them too.

Let’s Go Fly a Kite!

To celebrate the return to school and a new term all of the children within their classes have made and flown a kite they have made. Each class has recorded messages on their creations to show us their excitement and joy at being back!

Here are some of their thoughts:

I wish that I could be a kite up in the sky, free as a bird.

If I were a kite the wind would call me to be free in the sky.

I loved to see the kite flying and prancing free in the air.

It was the wind and me taking it where we wanted it to go!


Felixstowe Library Competition – ‘The Seaside’

Some of our young writers took part in a short story competition in the summer, ran by Felixstowe Library. The theme was ‘the seaside’ and the word limit was 500.

The children have had a congratulatory certificate and Cameron in Y5 achieved 2nd place in the 7-11 category!

Well done to all our wonderful writers!


Wonderful Writing In EYFS

Craft Club – Wednesday’s after school

Year 4

Year 6