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Learning Overview

The National Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum

Q: What is the National Curriculum?

A: All State Primary Schools have to follow  prescribed programmes of study for a range of    subjects and make specific assessments.  English, maths and science are the three “core” subjects.  Design and technology, information technology (ICT), personal social and health education (PSHE), geography, history, art, music and physical education (including swimming) are the remaining “foundation” subjects.  Religious Education is not a National Curriculum subject, but has to be covered.  Our school follows Suffolk’s agreed syllabus.  We have introduced French at Key Stage 2 and are looking to introduce it to Key Stage 1 in the near future.

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from sex and relationships education, collective worship and religious education.  Such requests should be made, in writing, to the Headteacher.

Q: What is a Key Stage?

 A: The years of compulsory schooling are divided into Four Key Stages.

Key Stage One
Foundation – age 4/5
Year One – age 5/6
Year Two – age 6/7

Key Stage Two
Year Three – age 7/8
Year Four – age 8/9
Year Five – age 9/10
Year Six – age 10/11

The High Schools have children in Key Stages Three and Four.

Q: Can I see what they are going to be taught?

A: You are welcome to view all the National Curriculum, EYFS and Religious Education documents.

Each class teacher will be able to clarify how they are being implemented for the year your child is in.

Q: Will they be taught in Subjects?

A: Even though the National Curriculum is divided into Subjects, every school decides how to implement it.  We do teach in subjects and also combine subjects into topics where appropriate.