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The School Staff as at 2020/21

Acting Headteacher:

Leadership Support:

Mrs H Lloyd

Mrs J Dedicoat

Acting Deputy Headteachers: Mr P Murray and Mrs S Smith
SENCO: Mrs S Smith
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) & Key Stage 1 Phase Leader: Mrs L Lee
Key Stage 2 Years 3 & 4 Phase Leader: Mrs S Smith
Key Stage 2 Years 5 & 6 Phase Leader: Mr P Murray


Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs H Lloyd
Alternate Safeguarding Leads: Mr P Murray
Mrs S Smith
Mrs R Barkworth
Mr A Todd

Mrs J Dedicoat

Named Governors for Safeguarding: Mrs C Davies

Class Teachers:

EYFS Reception Egyptians Mrs K Bennett & Mrs E Marsh
  Reception Stone-Age Miss E Smith
Year 1  1 Celts Mrs G Taylor & Mrs K Allen
  1 Greeks Miss N Chilvers
Year 2  2 Anglo-Saxons Mr L Moss
  2 Romans Mrs L Lee
Year 3 3 Normans Miss A Howe & Mrs E Bateman
  3 Vikings Miss E Collins
Year 4 4 Medieval Miss V Phillips
  4 Tudors Mrs S Smith
Year 5 5 Stuarts Mrs E Rainford and Mrs E Martin
  5 Georgians Mrs R Monteiro
Year 6 6 Edwardians Mr P Murray

Maternity Leave

6 Victorians


Miss V Caldwell

Mrs E Ryan and Mrs G Wilson


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs A Calver Mr A Todd Mrs L McKenzie Mrs E Witmore
Mrs C Algar Mrs J Pane Madame Reaville Ms K Braden
Ms A Boyden Mrs L Nye Mrs J Adams Mrs H Mackie
Mrs A Caldwell Mrs J Shipley Ms C Moon Miss H Crisp
Mrs K Wilding Miss H Taylor Mrs K Newell Ms K Robinson
Mrs C Upson Mr J Diogo Miss C Dooley
Mrs K Warren Mrs J Ford Mr G Hammond

Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs Algar Mrs Pane Mrs Shipley Mrs Wilding
Mrs Calver Mrs Cheadle Mrs Brooks Mrs Markham
Mrs Caldwell Mrs C Upson Mrs Parker Mrs K Newell
Miss C Dooley Ms K Warren Mrs O’Reilly Mrs S Pippard

Office Staff:

School Business Manager: Miss H Rowe
Home/School Liaison/Attendance Officer: Mrs R Barkworth
Clerical Assistant: Mrs L Filby


Caretaker: Mr S Brewer
Cleaner: Mr K Abbott
Cleaner: Ms K Braden


Ms S Rushforth

Mrs S Pippard

School Cook: Mrs S Jeffrey

Other Services:

Premier Sports Coach: Mr J Carragher