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Curriculum – Design & Technology

Design technology is a foundation subject in the National Curriculum. Our school follows the objects from The National Curriculum as a basis for planning Design Technology alongside the Chris Quigley Essentials Curriculum, which exceeds new national curriculum expectations. Planning is progressive and skills are revisited from Years 1 to 6 to ensure children have deeper understanding of concepts and techniques.  Knowledge, skills and understanding are progressively built upon through each of the areas of experience of designing, making, evaluate, technical knowledge and cooking and nutrition. Within each discipline this has been provided through gradually extending the breadth of content, increasing the depth of knowledge and understanding and focusing on improving the quality of responses and outcomes.

In Key Stage 1 children are taught to follow the three part design, make and evaluate process through practical and creative activities linked to their topic. These skills are developed in Key Stage 2 where they are also linked to topics being studied.

Teaching and Learning

Long term plans ensure that that children experience key skills in the three threshold concepts, across all Year Groups.  These include:-

‘To master practical skills’,

‘To design, make, evaluate and improve’

‘To take inspiration from design throughout history’

Design Technology teaching within our school maximises the use of a ‘Creative, cross-curricular’ approach, and all DT units are linked to each phase’s termly topics, clearly shown on Medium Term plans.  Teachers plan in accordance with the ‘Chris Quigley Essentials’ Creative Curriculum Document, which exceeds new national curriculum expectations.  Teachers are encouraged to use the ‘Chris Quigley Essentials Curriculum online resources’ to inform short term planning.  This provides a comprehensive guide on the three threshold concepts and the corresponding progression of skills that need to be taught.  Staff are encouraged to make the scheme their own, to adapt and modify it as necessary to suit their own needs and requirements.  We aim to plan for strong cross-curricular links in order to maximise DT learning opportunities, while ensuring that lessons are meaningful and purposeful for the children.  Long and medium term plans are available for Parents to view on the school website, and addition to this, Curriculum Newsletters are also sent home termly.  The planning process involved in developing this scheme of work, has ensured a progression and continuity of learning experiences from Year 1 to Year 6.  Knowledge, skills and understanding are progressively built upon through each of the areas of experience of the seven main areas: Food, Materials, Textiles, Electricals and Electronics, Computing, Construction and Mechanics.  Within each discipline Milestones ensure that teachers are planning and teaching to facilitate ‘basic’, ‘advancing’ and ‘deep’ skills.

Extra Curricular Design Technology Opportunities

At Trimley St Mary Primary School we give children the opportunity to take part in enterprise experiences where they get to plan, make and evaluate products which they then sell to their grown ups, these include The Fairtrade products such as gingerbread men and flapjacks and Year group products linked to topics such as Year 2 Dragon Eyes from clay, wooden photo-frames and bookmarks, Year 1 hand puppets linked to their Pirate topic, Year 3 and 4 produce fruit salads for their disco to promote healthy eating.