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Curriculum – Maths

Mathematics is a core subject in the National Curriculum. Our school uses the objectives from the curriculum along with our Inspire maths scheme. Planning is progressive and begins with basic skills which are applied and practised in a range of contexts to increase children’s fluency, ability to reason mathematically which enables them to solve a variety of challenging problems.

In Key Stage 1 children will develop their fluency and confidence using numbers both mentally and will show their thinking verbally and in writing.

The principal focus of mathematics teaching in lower key stage 2 is to ensure that pupils become increasingly fluent with whole numbers and the four operations, including number facts and the concept of place value. This should ensure that pupils develop efficient written and mental methods and perform calculations accurately with increasingly large whole numbers.

The principal focus of mathematics teaching in upper key stage 2 is to ensure that pupils extend their understanding of the number system and place value to include larger integers. This should develop the connections that pupils make between multiplication and division with fractions, decimals, percentages and ratio.

On a daily basis children will practice their calculation skills and will be challenged at an appropriate level.

Teaching and Learning

We teach and promote an understanding along with enjoyment of mathematics throughout the school. Children are taught to understand number and numeracy skills in a variety of ways moving from concrete examples to pictorial and examples and on to the abstract. This allows children to receive an appropriate level of challenge for them.

Children are taught maths on a daily basis and will also practise their skills at other times during the day, either at the beginning of the day or in the afternoon.  Their learning will also be supplemented by  one to one sessions in year 6 and links to maths in other subjects such as science.