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Curriculum – Music

Music is a foundation subject in the National Curriculum. Our school uses the objectives from The National Curriculum as a basis for planning music alongside the Chris Quigley Essentials Curriculum, which exceeds new national curriculum expectations. Planning is progressive and skills are revisited from Years 1 to 6 to ensure children have deeper understanding of concepts and techniques.

In Key Stage 1 we look at basic musical terminology using terms such as beat and pulse. We also explore tuned and un-tuned instruments, looking at the differences between the two and having opportunities to practice using both.

In Key Stage 2 we delve deeper into musical terminology and by the end of year 6 children are learning to read basic stave notation. We

Teaching & Learning

For the teaching of music, we use the Suffolk School’s Music Hub resource Charanga. The scheme ensures that all aspects of the National Curriculum are covered and that the resources are appropriately pitched with levels of challenge. The scheme covers all aspects of performing, composing, transcribing and describing music. The use of Charanga ensures that there are frequent opportunities to play tuned/pitched instruments which is a key component of the music curriculum. As the resource is computer based and interactive it enables pupils to make progress as it models and scaffolds carefully. Engagement from pupils is encouraged through animations, characters within the scheme present the learning in and enjoyable interactive way. Children, across a series of lessons acquire key musical knowledge and skills. The KS2 programme also enables children to experience a range of different musical genre including reggae, rock, hip –hop etc. The inclusion of contemporary genre alongside that of more traditional classical piece’s results in children appraising music across a broad musical spectrum.

Extra Curricular Music Opportunities

At Trimley St Mary, we provide a variety of musical experiences through our school choir and tuition from external teachers. These allow children to develop their skills as well as offering opportunities to gain performing experience. Furthermore, the choir provides the children with the chance to perform as part of the Young Voices choir, a national scheme which allows children from across the country the chance to unit and perform with some well-known performers. In year 4 we carry out WCET (Whole Class Ensemble Teaching) through the county music scheme. This provide our students with the opportunity to learn the clarinet, gaining an understanding of stave notation as well as how to care for instruments. In addition, we also have a recorder club where children work as an ensemble to learn and then perform pieces of music. As a school we offer music tuition for a range of instruments, including violin, cornet and piano for those individuals who wish to learn a tuned instrument during the school day through access to a peripatetic teacher.