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Curriculum – RSHE

General aims and objectives:

For children at Trimley St Mary to:

  • prepare to become active citizens both in school and in the local community
  • develop a healthy and safe lifestyle, being able to make informed choices in a variety of contexts
  • be able to develop good relationships and the ability to respect and empathise with others
  • become self-confident, self-reliant, and exhibit positive self esteem
  • acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding needed to become happy, healthy and positive citizens
  • adopt positive attitudes and values
  • develop interpersonal skills and the ability to work and co-operate with others
  • promote British values and what democracy means for us
  • celebrate equality, tolerance and diversity whilst challenging racism, bullying, homophobia and discrimination.

Key themes within RSHE education are:

  1. Identity (their personal qualities, attitudes, skills, attributes and achievements and what influences these; understanding and maintaining boundaries around their personal privacy, including online)
  2. Relationships (including different types, including online)
  3. A healthy (including physically, emotionally and socially), balanced lifestyle (including within relationships, work-life, exercise and rest, spending and saving and lifestyle choices)
  4. Risk (identification, assessment and how to manage risk, rather than simply the avoidance of risk for self and others) and safety (including behaviour and strategies to employ in different settings, including online)
  5. Diversity and equality (in all its forms, with due regard to the protected characteristics set out in the Equality Act 2010)
  6. Rights (including the notion of universal human rights), responsibilities (including fairness and justice) and consent (in different contexts)
  7. Change (as something to be managed) and resilience
  8. Power (how it is used and how it manifests through behaviours including bullying, persuasion, coercion and how it can be challenged)
  9. Career (including enterprise, employability and economic understanding)

There is a balance between these strands within the planned programme whilst also taking into consideration their appropriateness to the pupils’ age and stage of development.  Many themes can and should be linked to other curriculum subjects, for example, medicines in science.

At Trimley St Mary Primary School RSHE is delivered within a whole school approach which includes:

  • the eight ‘C’’s
  • teaching RSHE through and in other subjects/curriculum areas.
  • through RSHE activities and school events.
  • through pastoral care and guidance.
  • during themed assemblies
  • via emotional literacy and mental health lessons
Teaching Methods and Learning Approaches

Trimley St Mary School recognises that all children have a preferred style of learning and thus will teach RSHE in using a variety of techniques:

  • effective starting and ending strategies.
  • high order questioning skills.
  • climate building and ground rules.
  • working together.
  • information gathering and sharing.
  • consensus building.
  • problem solving, decision making and debates.
  • understanding another point of view.
  • working with feelings and imagination.
  • reflection, review and evaluation.
  • circle Time.
  • school council (preparatory activities).
  • drama and role-play.


Updated Policy – January 2021

Our RSHE policy has been updated. We would welcome parents/carers to share their opinions on this policy with us. Please use the form on the ParentMail app or print a copy of the questionnaire from the link below. Please contact the school office if you would like a paper copy.

Government Legislation

Understanding Relationships and Health Education in your child’s primary school: a guide for parents.

Communication to schools on the implementation of Relationships and Health Education