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General information
The Celts- Class 1C- Mrs Taylor and Mrs Allen

TA- Miss Crisp & Mrs Upson

The Greeks- Class 1G- Mrs Ryan and Mrs Allen

TA- Miss Braden

PE Arrangements for the Spring term:

PE lessons will take place every other Tuesday afternoon and every Wednesday morning for 1C.  It will be every other Tuesday afternoon and Thursday mornings for 1G . Your child will need a white T-shirt, black shorts or joggers and plimsoles which will need to be kept in a named drawstring PE bag. Long hair needs to be tied back and earrings should be removed.

Year 1 Spellings

Spelling Picture | Free Photograph | Photos Public Domain

Spelling challenges will be sent home weekly.  You might like to practise these words with your child so that they are confident during their spelling challenge.  We will also practise these words regularly in school too.  IT IS NOT ESSENTIAL THAT THEY GET THEM ALL CORRECT, ALL THE TIME.  IT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAT YOUR CHILD CAN APPLY THESE SPELLING RULES TO THEIR WRITING ALL THE TIME.  We need to learn to spell all the Common Exception Words (CEWs) by the end of Year One.  These words will be displayed in our classrooms and removed once we have all learn them off by heart.  Termly updates will be sent home, so you can see how our child is progressing with this target!

Year 1's Learning Journey



Summer Term 2022

We will continue to link our learning to our topic  ‘Oh we do like to be beside the seaside’. We will look at Seasides Past and Present and Pirates. We will enjoy our new texts and we look at a range of fiction and non-fiction books about the seaside and different books about pirates.


As Magnificent Mathematicians we will…  

– Read, recognise and write numbers up to 100.

– Practise making 1 less and 1 more than numbers.

– Practise counting in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s forwards and backwards to 100.

– Practise our doubles and halving.

– Practise additing and subtracting numbers up to 100. 

– Learn how to multiply and divide.

– Learn how to tell the time to o’clock and half past the hour.

Practise our BMBT and CLIC challenges with Mrs Allen and try to improve our scores. Why not visit ‘Hit the Button’ to practise your Maths!   

 Hit the Button Maths game (yr 1-6) | Nailsworth CofE Primary School

We love this game – a fun way to practise number facts!    


We also like to use a variety of games on Top Marks.  



As Wonderful Writers we will …   

Continue to practise our cursive font and start to join letters together.

Write sentences using CL at the beginning, FS at the end and include finger spaces between our words. We will try to extend our writing by using adjectives and conjunctions such as ‘because’ or ‘so’.

Write fiction and non-fiction texts.

Use ‘scrabbled eggs’ to practise our Common Exception Words (CEWs). How many words will we take off the wall this week? You might like to click on the link below to practise your spellings this week  https://www.spellingtraining.com/  

Why not click on these links and remind yourself of the Year 1 Common Exception Words (CEWs)? 






As grammar experts we will …    

– Continue to sing our MC Grammar raps to learn about different classes of words.  

Identify nouns are a person, place or thing.



 Identify adjectives as words which modify or describe a noun. You might like to sing Mc Grammar’s adjective song to remind you   


– Identify verbs as doing or being words


– Identify adverbs as describing a verb (often words then end in ‘ly’)


As Resilient Readers will …    

– Recap the sounds we have learnt so far in Phonics.    

– Practise segmenting and blending sounds to read words during our ‘shared read’ sessions.  

– Practise reading our topic words  .  

– Tap and clap our topic words to help us read them.  

– Read and learn different sounds during phonics sessions.  

– Practise reading our Year 1 Common Exception Words.  

Read our new texts linked to The Seaside.  Recall the main events.  Identify and describe the setting,  main characters and plot.

Answer a variety of questions about the text – The answers are in our hands. Skim and scan the text for answers. 

 Use our “right hand” to get the answers to questions right.  What? Where? When? Who? Why?

 Use our “left hand” to make sure we haven’t left any answers out.  Find.  Explain.  Infer.  Predict.  Compare.

 Click on the link to find out more about the Resilient Reader.


 We will  read and discuss a variety of non-fiction (information) books about Seasides.

 Identify the key features of non-fiction book such as contents page, page numbers, chapters, index and glossary.

  Remember to complete the Reading Challenge – we challenge you to read for 5 minutes, 5 times a week!  Complete and return your Reading Challenge slip every Monday!

– Read our new Bug Book phonics books as our individual readers

Here is an alphabet song practising both the letter name and sound you can sing:    



As Super Scientists we will …   

– Tap and clap key Scientific words linked to our new topics ‘Sound’ and ‘Forces and Movement’

– Think about what we already know and record our facts

Here  are some Science songs you might like to sing:    





Forces and Movement song:



The Science Song:   



 As Awesome Athletes we will …   

– Discuss the importance of warming our bodies up    

– Start to practise moving around a space.   

– Listen carefully to instructions from adults.

– Begin to learn different rules to play outdoor sports games.

At school we love using Just Dance Kids and Cosmic Kids Yoga to keep fit. Both of these can be found on Youtube.    


As Computing Experts we will..    

– Follow instructions and use the iPads carefully   

– Think about Internet safety and why it is so important while we are using the iPads   

– Practise logging on to our Purple Mash accounts

– Learn about technology outside of school, learn how to search for images on google, save them and create work with them.

– Learn how to use a spreadsheet to record information




 As Religious Learners we will …   

– learn about Christianity and Judaism  

– explore parable and the importance of them to Christians

– explore and discuss important stories for Jewish people

– think about the meaning behind parables  

– discuss what the parables mean  




Don’t forget to keep practising your Year 1 and Year 2 Common Exception Spellings.  (These words can be found in the back of your Homework Books). 

Why not visit this online site – you can create your very own lists of words!  Then play a variety of games to practise your spellings!  




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Year 1 Bulletins

Year 1 Spring Curriculum


English – Hendal Primary School

As Readers, we will be exploring a variety of texts about ‘The Seaside’.  We will find information in non-fiction books, learning how to use the contents & index pages.  As Writers, we will use ‘story telling’ language & actions to retell and create our own stories, using ‘story bags’.  Seaside Poems will be discussed and we will write our own poems.  We will continue to learn to read and write our sounds.  Your child will continue to bring home a Library Book and Reading Book weekly.  Your help and support with reading is invaluable.  Remember to ask them lots of questions about the books they read too! Weekly Maths and English homework challenges will continue, as well as weekly spellings.  Your help and support with reading and spelling is invaluable.  Our English curriculum SFA (Success for All) will continue.  This skills-based curriculum helps to develop the children’s reading and comprehension, basic grammar, phonics and spelling, and encourages co-operative learning.  We will use Resilient Reader and Legends of Literacy strategies to improve our reading and grammar skills.  Don’t forget to complete the Reading Challenge every week!  We challenge you to read for 5 minutes, 5 times a week at home!  Come on Year One!  We haven’t topped the leader board yet!

Don’t forget to complete the weekly Reading Challenge – 5 minutes reading, 5 times a week!


We will continue to follow our exciting ‘Inspire Maths Curriculum’.  As Mathematicians, we will read, write and order numbers up to 100 and beyond. We will practise solving addition and subtraction problems involving numbers up to 20 and beyond and represent our work with numbers, pictures and symbols.    We will practise adding and subtracting on a number line.  We will practise telling the time, recognising o’clock and half past.  We will investigate and compare different masses and capacities.  Please help your child to learn the remaining addition ‘Learn-Its’ for this term so that they can continue to beat their ‘Big Maths, Beat That’ score! We will continue to send home CLIC challenges to improve calculation skills.

Internet Safety


In Year 1 we have been learning  about how to stay safe online. The internet and online technology is a fantastic way to complete our learning, stay in contact with family and friends and play games. We know we must ALWAYS ask an adult before we go on the internet and that our grown-ups at home and school can help keep us safe online. We have learnt there are SMART rules we need to follow to keep us safe online.

S = Safe. We must keep personal information to ourselves, never post or tell someone online your full name, home address or school. Remember personal information can also be seen in the pictures you share.

M = Meet. We have discussed only talking to people you already know online and making sure an adult knows who you are talking to. Always tell an adult if someone you speak to online asks you to meet them. If an adult is concerned they can report this straight away on www.thinkuknow.co.uk 

A = Accepting. Before you click on or open something think very carefully and check with an adult as you never know what it might lead to.

R = Reliable. Unfortunately no-one owns the internet, no-one decides what can be put online and therefore you cannot trust everything you see and read online. Some things might be out of date, incorrect or not entirely true. Speak to a grown-up to check information online and check other websites too. There are lots of great websites we use at school to help with our learning such as:

T = Tell. We learnt that we must speak to an adult before going online. If anything online worries, upsets or confuses you, you must tell an adult at home or school. 

There are lots of resources online to discuss internet safety with your child. Here are some links to website you might like to use:


Marvellous Me!!

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Watch out for ‘Marvellous Me’ messages from your child’s teachers.  We LOVE Marvellous Me at Trimley St Mary – it’s a fantastic way to encourage, praise and celebrate successes and achievements in school.  Take the time to talk with your child about their learning!      Because …… everyone’s a SUPERHERO!!



Reading Challenge

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Don’t forget to read for 5 minutes, 5 times a week!  Your reading Challenge Slip must be returned on MONDAY MORNING so the ‘scores on the doors’ can be collated by class teachers during registration and sent to the school office.  Come on Year 2!  A KS1 class has never topped the leader board!  We need 75% of our classes to read to meet Mrs Ashford’s challenge.  Earn your Reading Challenge Reward Stamp! Class prizes and house points available too.  Keep reading!!


The Language of BAD

(Bad is good!)

Image result for language of bad chris quigley

We want to be challenged at Trimley St Mary.

We have been using the language of BAD to extend our learning.  We have been taking on challenges to show if we are brave, (paddling) adventurous (snorkeling) or daring (diving)!


At present, Parent Helpers will not be able to come into school.  However, when this changes we will let you know, as in the past …. 

Parent Helpers Welcome!

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We have welcomed parents into school in the past, to help our children to improve their reading skills.  When the current situation changes, if you are able to spare a morning or an afternoon, on a regular basis, please let your child’s teacher know.  We are very appreciative of your additional support, and it makes a huge difference to the children’s learning.  We would love you to come and join us!   Thanks for your continued support.

Year 1 Summer Curriculum