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Speech Link Parent portal 

We have been fortunate enough to be granted access for parents to make use of the Speech Link Parent Portal information site until the end of term. The aim is to help promote speech and associated communication skills such as listening so children make progress in all areas of their life.

To access the portal click on https://speechandlanguage.info/parents



As we start the Summer Term we will be having as much time outside as possible. 

Please make sure that P.E. bags are back in school and that your child has a pair of tracksuit trousers and trainers with them. Please make sure P.E bags are in school all week, as due to timetable changes we will be having an additional session each week.

Year 2 – General Information


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The Romans – Class 2R – Mrs Lee. 

Class email = romans@trimley.net

TAs – Mrs Pane & Mrs Witmore

Library Books – Friday.  

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The Anglo-Saxons – Class 2A – Miss Chilvers

Class email =


TA – Miss Dooley

Library Books – Friday 


PE Arrangements for Summer Term

Image result for CHILDREN DOING SPORT CLIPART PE lessons will take place on a Monday and Wednesday morning and Tuesday afternoon. We are delighted that we will be supported by our Inspire Sports Coaches, Mr Todd, Mr Hammond and Mr Diago  for  these sessions.  Your child will need a white T –shirt, black shorts, plain dark leggings or jogging bottoms  and plimsoles/trainers, which need to be kept in a named drawstring PE bag. Long hair needs to be tied back and earrings should be removed. 

Online Safety 

In Year 2 we have been learning about how to stay safe online. The internet and online technology is a fantastic way to complete our learning, stay in contact with family and friends and play games. We know we must ALWAYS ask an adult before we go on the internet and that our grown-ups at home and school can help keep us safe online. We have learnt that there are SMART rules we need to follow to help keep us safe online. S = Safe. We must keep personal information to ourselves, never post or tell someone online your full name, postcode, home address or school. Remember that personal information can also be seen in pictures you share. M = Meet. We have discussed only talking to people you already know online and making sure an adult knows who you are talking to. Always tell an adult if someone you speak to online asks you to meet them. If an adult is concered they can report this straight away on www.thinkuknow.co.uk A = Accepting. Before you click on or open something think very carefully and check with an adult as you never know what it may lead to. R = Reliable. Unfortunately no one owns the internet, no one decides what can be put online and therefore you cannot trust everything you see online. Some things might be out of date, incorrect or not entirely true. Speak to a grown up to check information online and check other websites too. There are lots of great websites we use at school to help with our learning such as

T = Tell. We learnt that you must speak to an adult before going online. If anything online worries, upsets or confuses you, you must tell an adult at home or school. There are lots of resources online to discuss internet safety with your child.

Year 2’s Learning Journey


   Week Beginning Monday 21st June



 Hello Year 2! Mrs Lee and Miss Chilvers can’t believe that this is our last half term!!! Looking forward to another exciting week in Year Two!


We will  continue with our exciting new topic The Enchanted Wood!   The Enchanted Wood Visitor’s Centre is now set up, and has been welcoming lots of visitors.

Enchanted Wood Sign image 0

We will continue to  link our learning with lots of information texts about different minibeasts.

Mad About Minibeasts! By David Wojtowycz

As Resilient Readers we will:-

Read a selection of information (non-fiction) books about Minibeasts to find out more about them.  Identify the features of an information book including contents page, index and glossary.   Use “echo reading” to help us with this.

Read our new book “The Very Lazy Ladybird”.  Enjoy listening to the story by  clicking on this link!


Identify and describe the characters, plot and setting.  

The Very Lazy Ladybird By Isobel Finn

  Answer a variety of questions about our texts – The answers are in our hands. Skim and scan the text for answers. Give opinions – WHY do we think that?

Remember to complete the Reading Challenge – we challenge you to read for 5 minutes, 5 times a week!  Complete and return your Reading Challenge slip every Monday!

Enjoy reading a  variety of stories  about Woodlands, Nocturnal Animals and Minibeasts.

Continue to share our class book – our page turner – The Enchanted Wood, by Enid Blyton.

The Enchanted Wood - The Magic Faraway Tree (Paperback)


  As Wonderful Writers we will:

Children reading and writing in different styles Stock Vector - 41136387 Continue to practise our cursive font, and continue to join our letters together.

 MC Grammar will help us with our writing.  Why not sing along with his raps at home too?





Continue with our research to find out more about Ladybirds.  Create information books with headings, captions, labelled diagrams and sentences.

Research information all about Caterpillars and Butterflies.  Create information posters with diagrams, captions and Google Images.

  The website links below will be very useful:-

All About Minibeasts

    Use ‘Scrabbled Eggs’ to practise our CEWs – we want to get all these words taken off our wall!  Why not play this game at home to practise this week’s CEWs?


 Find out how many Year 1 and Year 2 CEWs we can now spell correctly.


 As Marvellous Mathematicians we will:-

 Count in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s, forwards and backwards.  Count and exercise by clicking on the link below!


 Continue to learn to count forwards and backwards in 3s too!  These songs are great to help you with this!



Learn to count in 6s too!! We love singing these songs at school!



 Practise our Fluent in Five challenges at the start of every session to improve our Maths skills. 

 Why not sing along with the Multiplication Mash Up, to help you learn your times tables?


  Practise our BMBT and CLIC challenges with Mrs Lucking and try to improve our scores. Why not visit ‘Hit the Button’ to practise your Maths!

      Hit the Button Maths game (yr 1-6) | Nailsworth CofE Primary School

 We love this game – a fun way to practise number facts!


 We also like to use a variety of games on Top Marks.



As Super Scientists we will: 

Transparent Scientist Clipart Png - Scientists Children, Png DownloadContinue with  our exciting new  topic ‘Living Things and their Habitats’.

 Tap and clap key Scientific words linked to our theme. 

Why not watch this animation about plants and animals around us.


 How about this video all about Habitats.


 Sing lots of super Science songs to help us with our learning! Click on the links to find some of our favourites!




  Continue to learn about “life processes” and use MRS GREN to help us remember – movement, respiration, sensitivity, growth, reproduction, excretion and nutrition.

Continue  to learn about “classification” of animals. 


Recap the first 3 animal groups – insects, mammals and amphibians.

These animations are really helpful too!




Learn about the remaining 3 animals groups too. Sort and classify animals into sets.







   Who will be our Super Scientist and get to wear the Lab Coat?


 As Perfect Programmers we will:-

Use the IPads to link our learning.

Pad Clipart Kid - Kids Ipad Cartoon , Free Transparent Clipart - ClipartKey Continue to learn about our exciting new learning platform called Purple Mash!

Investigate how we can use online programs to create art based on famous artists.  

Continue to learn  about Internet Safety.


 As Musicians we will:-

Sing all of the songs that link with our topic!  Why not give them a try?

Minibeast Song


 The Ants Go Marching


Herman the Worm


Ladybird Song


Yellow Bumblebee Song


The Green Grass Grew All Around


As Artists we will:-

Clipart Of Children Painting Image

Practise our observational skills and use Watercolour Paints to create images of ladybirds.

Create detailed and accurate line drawings of butterflies.  Label the key features. Why not have a try at home too – this link provides some useful tips!



 In our PSHE lessons we will:-

Coram Life Education SCARF logo

 Identify and understand different stages of growth.

 Say some of the things people are capable of at these different stages.

Complete these sentence stems:-

When I was a baby I could …

Now I can ….

When I am a grown up I will ….


In our PE lessons we will:

thumb image

Work with Mr Todd, Mr Hammond and Mr Diago, our amazing Sports Coaches.

Learn about how our bodies change when we move and exercise.

Play a variety of games.

Continue to to practise a variety of races so that we will be ready for our Sports Day later this term. We’ve already practised throwing a javelin, bouncing on a space hopper and throwing bean bags!

Don’t forget to keep exercising too!  Why not take a look at the websites for some great ideas?  https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/subjects/z2hs34j

  Joe Wicks for children – https://www.youtube.com/results?sp=mAEB&search_query=joe+wicks+5+minute+workouts+for+kids




Image result for children reading clipart   DON’T FORGET TO KEEP READING!


Year 2 Bulletins
Year 2 enjoyed their visits to Goslings Farm!
Check out what we got up, on your child’s SeeSaw page!
Marvellous Me!!

Image result for marvellous me logo

Watch out for ‘Marvellous Me’ messages from your child’s teachers.  We LOVE Marvellous Me at Trimley St Mary – it’s a fantastic way to encourage, praise and celebrate successes and achievements in school.  Take the time to talk with your child about their learning!      Because …… everyone’s a SUPERHERO!!



Reading Challenge

Image result for bookworm reading a book clipart

Don’t forget to read for 5 minutes, 5 times a week!  Your reading Challenge Slip must be returned on MONDAY MORNING so the ‘scores on the doors’ can be collated by class teachers during registration and sent to the school office.  Come on Year 2!  A KS1 class has never topped the leader board!  We need 75% of our classes to read to meet Mrs Ashford’s challenge.  Earn your Reading Challenge Reward Stamp! Class prizes and house points available too.  Keep reading!!


The Language of BAD

(Bad is good!)

Image result for language of bad chris quigley

We want to be challenged at Trimley St Mary.

We have been using the language of BAD to extend our learning.  We have been taking on challenges to show if we are brave, (paddling) adventurous (snorkeling) or daring (diving)!


At present, Parent Helpers will not be able to come into school.  However, when this changes we will let you know, as in the past …. 

Parent Helpers Welcome!

Ultimate Buy Black Mother’s Day 2018 Gift Guide Black Love Art, Black Girl Art, Art Girl, American Illustration, Family Illustration, African American Artwork, Mother Art, Black Mother, Black Artwork

We have welcomed parents into school in the past, to help our children to improve their reading skills.  When the current situation changes, if you are able to spare a morning or an afternoon, on a regular basis, please let your child’s teacher know.  We are very appreciative of your additional support, and it makes a huge difference to the children’s learning.  We would love you to come and join us!   Thanks for your continued support.

Year 2 English Curriculum - Summer Term
Girl reading and boy writing illustration Stock Vector - 51440845

As Readers, we will explore a range of non-fiction texts and research facts about Nocturnal Animals.  As Writers, we will create our own, information texts, with contents pages, headings and glossaries.  We will also be looking at extended texts, like The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton.  We will use our Pie Corbett storytelling actions, mapping and ‘story bags’ to create our own stories.  Later in the term we will also look at different stories by the same author and focus on Eric Carle books including The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Very Busy Spider and The Very Quiet Cricket.  Weekly Maths and English homework challenges will continue as well as spellings to learn.  Your help and support with reading and spelling is invaluable. Our English curriculum SFA (Success for All) will continue.  This skills-based curriculum helps to develop the children’s reading and comprehension skills, basic grammar, phonics and spellings while encouraging co-operative learning.  We will use Resilient Reader and Legends of Literacy strategies to improve our reading and grammar skills.  Don’t forget to complete the Reading Challenge every week!  We challenge you to read for 5 minutes, 5 times a week at home!  Come on Year Two!  We haven’t topped the leader board yet!

We LOVE MC Grammar!  He helps to make our writing AMAZING!   You can find all of MC Grammar’s cool Grammar Raps on You Tube  – a great way to learn all about grammar!  We love singing along to these in Year Two!  Why not take a look?

You  might like to find out more.  Click the link to subscribe and join in the fun!


Year 2 Maths Curriculum - Summer Term
Image result for maths is ace clipart

As Mathematicians, aspects of the Big Maths Scheme will continue, and we will also use strategies and approaches from our ‘Inspire Maths’ scheme too.   We will practise addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in real life scenarios and represent work with pictures, numbers and symbols.  We will continue to practise problem solving skills.    We will collect data and record it in simple lists, pictograms, graphs and charts.  We will also look at time – days of the week, and months of the year.  Please help your child to continue to learn the addition and times tables ‘Learn-Its’ for this term.   Keep practising your BMBT and CLIC at home too! 


Year 2 Spellings
Spelling Picture | Free Photograph | Photos Public Domain

Spelling challenges will be sent home weekly.  You might like to practise these words with your child so that they are confident during their spelling challenge.  We will also practise these words regularly in school too.  IT IS NOT ESSENTIAL THAT THEY GET THEM ALL CORRECT, ALL THE TIME.  IT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAT YOUR CHILD CAN APPLY THESE SPELLING RULES TO THEIR WRITING ALL THE TIME.  We need to learn to spell all the Common Exception Words (CEWs) by the end of Year Two.  These words will be displayed in our classrooms and removed once we have all learn them off by heart.  Termly updates will be sent home, so you can see how our child is progressing with this target!

 Why not visit this online site – you can create your very own lists of words!  Then play a variety of games to practise your spellings! https://www.spellingtraining.com/index.html?&tjc&stjc&uzjw&pzjw&szjw&nyrzjw&dmzsn&otlyq&ozmw&htvl&vdrbbm&drzmw&drzmwqyj&vtcv&vtzw&oryqy&oyqy&lryqy&lryzq&hybhmy