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Your Child’s Well-being

If a child becomes ill during the day, teachers decide whether the child can be cared for adequately in school or whether a parent should be called.  For this reason it is essential that we know home and work telephone numbers or means of contacting both parents and, if necessary, another adult who might take care of the child.  Any changes in this information should be notified to school.

An Educational Welfare Officer serves the area and visits the school every half term in order to track pupil attendance and punctuality.

There are established links with the appropriate agencies concerned with child protection.  The first point of contact in any such matter is the Child Protection Co-ordinator or the Headteacher.

The administration of medicine at school is discouraged as recommended by the Local Authority.  The school is not able to administer antibiotics, or courses of medicines, other than those required by children with long term conditions.  In such circumstances parents / carers will be asked to complete an appropriate administration of medicines and disclaimer forms.

If your child requires medication during the school day, parents/carers are welcome to come into school via the main office and administer medications where necessary.

Multi Agency Work

 The school works closely with a wide variety of agencies to support  parents and children.  These include health, social care, parent support advisors, school preference advisor, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, and Ormiston Trust – to name but a few!

Child Health Information

For information on common childhood illnesses and well being, please visit the NHS website  or view their interactive guide. Below are some links to some of their leaflets which may be of help.

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